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The Standard HARRISON comes in the largest variety of sizes to meet the widest possible range of needs-tall, short, straight, flared. The Standard HARRISON is ideal to perpetuate original government corners.
Flared: 20", 30", 36", 40"
Straight: 5", 10", 16", 20", 30", 36", 40"

Harrison Marker

Harrison Marker

The Extendible HARRISON is perfect for the permanent, flush and visible marking of key points.
Flared: 20½", 30½", 36½", 40½"
Straight: 5½", 10½", 16½", 20½", 30½", 36½", 40½"

Harrison Marker

Harrison Marker


Harrison Marker

Extendible Add-on units
The Extendible HARRISON need not be dug up or replaced; the ½" top is quickly removed with an Easy-off wrench and spacers and/or legend tops are added to fit. No pavement destroyed; no resurveying needed. The spacers and legend tops are available at ½", 1", 2", 5", 10", 16".

Extendible Easy-off wrenches
The HARRISON Easy-off wrenches are designed for the Extendible HARRISON. They are available in two styles: a surface wrench and a 2"-reach wrench.

They make adding on easy!

Harrison Marker

Harrison Marker

The Slimline HARRISON is of a smaller diameter, 2¾", making it lighter for easier carrying and handling. It can be used in any survey situation but most often for lot and subdivision surveys.
Slimline straight: 10", 20", 30", 40"

Harrison Marker

Legend Tops
Harrison Marker

Legends are available for all HARRISON markers. Legends in inventory are:

  • County Surveyor
  • Surveyor Marker
  • Quarter Corner
  • Property Corner
  • Section Corner

Personal legends are available upon request.

Harrison Marker

Other Legend Tops ready for makeup are:

  • Bench Mark
  • Block Corner
  • City Engineer
  • Highway Dept.
  • Judicial Landmark
  • Meander Corner
  • Section Center
  • Witness Corner
  • 1/16th Corner

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